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There are currently clubs in Cardiff and Aberystwyth. All clubs welcome people who have never played before, so find out where your nearest club is and get involved; most clubs offer the first session(s) free of charge!
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Korflite is returning this summer with a bang. Join a team, enter a team or just turn up by yourself, this fun filled summer league is open to all ages and all abilities.
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It’s a mixed team sport – men and women play on an equal basis – and it is best thought of as a cross between basketball and netball, or netball and basketball depending on how you look at it. “Korf” in Dutch means “Basket”.


Here you will find all upcoming events organised by the WKA; league matches, training sessions, socials, tournaments, fund raising events and more.


The Welsh National Korfball League is starting soon! Keep up with all of the latest here, and contact the clubs to see how  YOU can get involved, check out the page…


Find out all the information on the international team, including trial dates, open positions and media

Recent News

Welsh Korfball Christmas Number 1

As we head into the Christmas break, let’s take a look at the standings in the Welsh National Korfball League! This year’s Christmas number 1 is Cardiff City Cyclones who carry a narrow lead, over Cardiff University firsts, into the holidays. Breathing...

Aberystwyth to BUCS

Aberystwyth University became only the second Welsh university to ever compete at BUCS yesterday. The students were able to reach the competition with contributions from the public and support from their Athletic Union, for which we would like to say a massive thank...

Wales Beaten in Stadskanaal Final

Last weekend, Wales competed at the 16th International Korfball Tournament in Stadskanaal. In Wales’ group were Armenia, Tus Wesseling (Germany), and KC Tokyo (Japan). The group stages were an opportunity to try out new combinations, with coaching team Brady and...

Current League Standings

Find A Club In Your Area

There are currently four senior korfball clubs in Wales: three in Cardiff, and one in Aberystwyth. Please visit their websites and contact them directly if you are interested in participating in a training session. Your first session(s) are usually free. See which one is closest and suits you best!

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